Advantage Flight Operations is a well known American based PMC with expansive and impressive infrastructure in all its theatres. Flights signing up with Advantage can expect large amounts of support in the form of cash, maintenance and living quarters but in return must expect very restrictive rules of engagement and low kill bonuses. The suits have a share value to maintain!

Theaters of OperationEdit

Advantage is a well established PMC in the world of Firestorm but they careful not to spread their resources too thinly.

Currently, they are present in Yemen/Iran, Vietnam, and Congo.


United States Available at -10% to base cost
Europe Available
Russia/CIS Not Available
Other Available +5% to base cost
Mandatory Ops Yes
Vetting Yes
Failure Penalty Yes
Max Tech Level 5
Signing Bonus 3500
Monthly Pay 750
Kill Bonus 10%
Incidental Penalty Severe
Buyout 4000

Special - Expert Ground CrewsEdit

Advantage doesn't skimp on ground crews with many of them being ex-USAF and USN crews with many years of experience in keeping planes in the air.

This results in a 25% discount on all repair charges.



CO- "David" Last name unknown

Amongst the colourful COs of many theatres, David stands out for being completely normal. With no mental or psychological drama whatsoever, he handles the Advantage operations in the Arabian Peninsula with a calm and cool head.




Sebastian Cudicini (Recently promoted to Tanzania Head of Operations)

Current FlightsEdit

  • Griffin "Any Target, Any Time"- Multirole- Yemen
  • Aquila "A Bolt from the Blue" Air to Ground - Yemen
  • Azmondia's Teeth "Excellence Everywhere"- Multirole- Congo

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