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Ansett Australia was an airline founded in 1936 in Hamilton, Australia and went bankrupt in 2002. In the Firestorm world, Ansett was set to reintroduce itself in the commercial aviation market but in an interesting turn of events, the Ansett airline has been reconstructed as a budding Private Military Company. CEO of the reborn Ansett Australia William Thompson submitted the formal papers to the Australian Defence Force, this combined with early leaked advertising suggests that Ansett intends to emulate fellow Australian PMC Showtime Flight Services (SFS) success in the region. While Ansett might be offering less money up front than most of its competitors to prospective hires, they have promised unmatched support and sustained salary.

Theaters of OperationEdit

Being a budding PMC just finding its feet in the world, Ansett army of suited businessmen are not so keen on diving head first into every hell-hole on Earth like fellow Australians, Showtime.

For the time being, Ansett only operates in its home theater of Oceania.


United States Not Available
Europe Available -5% to Base cost
Russia/CIS Available
Other Available -10% to Base cost
Mandatory Ops No
Vetting No
Failure Penalty No
Max Tech Level 4
Signing Bonus 2250
Monthly Pay 800
Kill Bonus 25%
Incidental Penalty Severe
Buyout 4000

Special -Massive Support NetworkEdit

Due to Ansett originally being an airline providing maintenance to large fleets aircraft such as Boeing 747s and Airbus A320s but now shifting to small numbers of nimble fighter aircraft, any flight signing with Ansett will receive lavish on-ground and in air support in the form of half price off maintenance fees and -15% discount on aerial assets.



Walter Reed

A fat balding office worker living in a tent city on an airbase. You can tell Walter really wished Ansett became an Airline and not a PMC. Like most of the people at Ansett, he has no idea how to go about running a PMC.

Current FlightsEdit