The 'Karakorum-8', also known as the Hongdu JL-8 (Nanchang JL-8), is a two-seat intermediate jet trainer and light attack aircraft designed in the People's Republic of China by China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. The JL-8 trainer was proposed as a joint cooperation effort between the governments of Pakistan and the People's Republic of China in 1986. The name was changed on the suggestion of Pakistan's then President General Zia ul Haq to Karakorum-8 to represent the friendship between the two countries. The primary contractor for the plane is the Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation. The export variant, K-8P Karakorum is co-produced by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.

  • Tech Level: 7
  • Damage Base: 9
  • Min./Max. Airspeed: 3/10
  • Maneuver (Loaded): 2 (2)
  • Aerobatic (Loaded): 1 (1)
  • Defence (Loaded): 12 (11)
  • Climb Rate (Loaded): 0.4 (0.3)
  • Shallow/Steep/Power/Vertical Dives: 1/2/2/3
  • Operational Ceiling: 9
  • Stores External/Pylon/Internal: 1/2/0
  • Guns: 1x 23mm Cannon
  • Cost: 490
  • Maintenance Cost: 29

Voodoo Scuttlebutt Edit

"Won't do a lot of things even the older airframes could, but the state-of-the-art electronics and radar suite are sure to give you an edge in combat against anything produced before the 80's."  Malik Zain Awan

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