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The Dassault Étendard IV is a subsonic carrier-borne "strike" fighter aircraft designed for service with theFrench Navy. It was in service from 1962 to 1991.

Performance of the Étendard IV was never spectacular, in the low supersonic range at altitude. It could reach Mach 1.3 at 11,000 metres (36,000 ft) and Mach 0.97 at low altitude. In the 1970s it was clear that a replacement should be sought. For some time, this was hoped to be a navalised version of the SEPECAT Jaguar, the Jaguar M, but as the various political problems of the joint Anglo-French effort dragged out development, Dassault stepped in with an uprated version of the Étendard, dubbed Super Étendard. The last of the original Étendard IVMs were withdrawn in 1991, although a handful of IVPs remain operational in 2004.

  • Tech Level: 4
  • Damage Base: 15
  • Min./Max. Airspeed: 3/12
  • Maneuver (Loaded): 3 (4)
  • Aerobatic (Loaded): 0 (-1)
  • Defence (Loaded): 12 (11)
  • Climb Rate (Loaded): 0.4 (0.3)
  • Shallow/Steep/Power/Vertical Dives: 1/2/3/4
  • Operational Ceiling: 10
  • Stores External/Pylon/Internal: 2/0/0
  • Guns: 2x30mm Cannon
  • Cost: 296
  • Maintenance Cost: 36

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