Intro, blah

Theaters Of OperationEdit



United States Available
Europe Unavailable
Russia/CIS Unavailable
Other Unavailable
Mandatory Ops Yes
Vetting Yes
Success Bonus Yes
Failure Penalty No
Max Tech Level 6
Signing Bonus 4000
Monthly Pay 1000
Kill Bonus 15%
Incidental Penalty Variable
Buyout 4,500

Big Bonus (+25%)


Herp McHerp - Position


McDerp Herp - XO

Current FlightsEdit


Musketeers - "Tous pour un, un pour tous”' - Multi-role

Former FlightsEdit

Voodoo ScuttlebuttEdit

"Bunch of fucking spooks. Most of the old timers are former Air America, while the new guys are direct from Special Activities Divisions. They got their hands in eveything. Probably started most of these goddamn wars after the crash. Wouldn't be surprised if they got all the hangars bugged. Paranoid fucks." - Anonymous

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