A campaign being run using a combination of MAS, Leflairs modified rules and some further customisations. Set in an alternate 1974, following Israels use of nuclear weapons during the Yom Kippur War (or the Golan Tragedy, in other Middle East nations) The Arabic nations rally under Egypt to form the Muslim Coalition, the United States send support to Israel to beef up their defence force, and the USSR send a contingent to Iran under the guise of a 'peacekeeping'.

End result- all sides begin using third parties for deniable strikes against each other, trying to achieve their end-goal without setting off a nuclear war.

Game is currently more of a beta test, with a lot of balancing to be had. The first mission for the current two sides (Muslim Coalition and Israel Defence Force) resulted in the following-

MC flight- Fuel system may need a work over, AtG is fairly solid

IDF flight- AtA with green (-2 to stats) pilots is painful, heavy cannons may be OP (guaranteed to hit compared to light cannons and missiles) General rework of encounter and disengagement system.

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