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Founded in 2013 by the billionaire Frank Hartman, the US based PMC started as a small side project but with the advent of global PMC boom has let them grow into a (surprisingly) successful part of the Hartman Group. The company itself is much like Frank himself. Patriotic, confident, patriotic, well connected, patriotic, loves money, patriotic, trigger happy, patriotic, a friendly neighbour, patriotic, protector of the poor and patriotic. While most US PMCs are suspected as being CIA fronts or shady corporate ventures, RWBI does not seem to have this stigma. After all it would be far too obvious for the most American PMC of all time to be CIA backed. Did we mention that they are patriotic?

Theaters of OperationEdit

RWBI are a late comer to the PMC business and don't have the presence of some of the more established players.

Currently, they are present only in Oceania, Syria, and the Congo. 


United States Available at -10% to base cost
Europe Available at +15% to base cost
Russia/CIS Not Available
Other Not Available
Mandatory Ops Yes
Vetting No
Failure Penalty Yes
Max Tech Level 5
Signing Bonus 3500
Monthly Pay 500
Kill Bonus 15%
Incidental Penalty Moderate
Buyout 5000

Special - US Government ConnectionsEdit

Frank Hartmann has a lot of friends in the United States government and military. This nets him and his company preferential costs when buying excess United States military equipment

This translates into a 15% discount on all United States munitions.



CO- "James Banks"

James is Frank Hartmann's right hand man and Vice President of the Hartmann group. It's the closest you can get to talking to Hartmann himself. Despite being around trained killers, James manages to be suave and sophisticated about contract killing as though he was talking about a simple credit default swap.

Cook- "Hartley"

Hartley is usually left to greet new pilots when all the suits are too busy texting each other or some inane nonsense. He'd just rather get back to grilling burgers with jet engines.

Current FlightsEdit

  • Hydra "One Down, Two Up"- Multirole -Oceania

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